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Monday, October 6th, 2008
11:17 am
I went outlet mall shopping with Lauren yesterday. I was looking for new work clothes, since mine are getting both old and ragged. I had success at Ann Taylor and Banana Republic (I was shocked at how many things I liked at BR...that's not usually the case). Ann Taylor provided me with a still-too-expensive-but-cute, soft and cuddly green cardigan. I wanted black initially, but Lauren convinced me that having a splash of color is not a bad thing. I know she's right, of course.

Ann Taylor's pants looked appalling on me. They fit high on the waist (which is fine for work pants), but then they bulged out enormously at the hips. I looked like I was carrying saddlebags! Holy bejesus! I had three pairs to try on and they all fit exactly the same. Uggh! Someone should burn those pants.

Banana Republic had the kind of pants that are more to my liking (fit-wise, not $$-wise). I picked up a pair of black slacks (they're somewhere between khakis and dress pants on the pant-material continuum). They have a 'short' inseam, which I found is just about perfect for my wee legs. I then found much dressier herringbone patterned pants that are a gorgeous shade of light brown. I was concerned about how long they were, but I was thrilled to the gills with the fit otherwise, so I bought them.

I am wearing the latter pair today (which are a perfect length now that I have higher heels on), and have composed an ode:

O BR slacks,
you are the best thing
I have ever had
on my legs.

Your fit:

If you didn't cost
and if I didn't
get you for half-off,
I would buy 8 more pairs.
Right now.

You look so good
with a blue shirt,
why oh why
must you already have a snag?

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Monday, July 7th, 2008
8:32 am
Tonight at Monday Night Sausages, we're holding a "Ketchup Tasting Contest" of sorts. Gus got some random off-brand ketchup that he thought was "more delicious than Heinz." I said that I'd buy some various brands of ketchup and some tater tots, and we'd pick a winning ketchup. I am too excited for this, considering what it is we're doing.

Four ketchups...only one can survive....who will it be??

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Saturday, May 24th, 2008
10:52 am - Apparently, I'm going to post once an hour today.
Just a quick note to thank Grandma for the wonderful birthday present!

Thank you! :)

current mood: thankful

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Monday, December 3rd, 2007
12:49 pm
Bulletpoints are helpful.

1. Despite the odds being stacked against us, the dinner party went well. Lauren and Gus showed up, which we thought they might considering they have 4-wheel drive. Much less expected was the presence of Kelly and Chris who pretty much risked their lives in treacherous snowy/icy weather to eat dinner with us. If I had been in their shoes, I don't think I would've done the same. They're so awesome.

Anyway, dinner was damn tasty (because Greg and I are so awesome). We started with bruschetta and stuffed mushroom caps over some 2005 Ravenswood Zinfandel. After the good wine, we switched over to some very classy 3-buck-chuck Cabernet Sauvignon. Because the main course was going to take awhile, we served up Dylan's recipe for homemade hummus with pita bread (Side Note: Dylan, that hummus is 100% awesome). Fortunately for me, I finally figured out that my meat thermometer says internal temps that are WAY too high for 'medium' cooked meat. Damn those crafty bastards at the FDA and/or Meat Thermometer Company! I pulled the lamb out in the nick of time, and it was perfectly done in the medium-rare/medium area. I carved that, using my cleaver for the first time (something that seemed to tickle Gus pink--the fact that I had a cleaver in the first place, that is). We served that with couscous and spinach. After that, Greg made some Glogg (hot, spiced wine) which we served with our coffee-banana-yogurt-almond parfaits. Deeeeelicious.

The best part is that everyone seemed to get along really well (a fact we predicted) and have a good time. Woohoo! Greg and I were fairly exhausted afterward, but it was great.

2. I watched a completely obscene amount of television while holed up in my house (and at Lauren's house) this weekend. Obscene. Also, I watched the movie "1408," starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. I give it a 5 out of 10. Not horrible, but not recommendation-worthy, per se, unless you're looking for cheap thrills. Which I was. So. Yeah.

3. I am fascinated by the City of Madison's apparent inability to put salt on streets that are covered in ice. Even on the Capitol square outer loop last night--there's a downhill on one curve and it wasn't salted! I saw it shining in the light and so slowed way down before I hit it, but I still slid pretty far. It occurred to me afterward how bad it would be to hit parked cars right there....they tend to be police cars that are right outside of the station!

4. I've successfully gotten Greg hooked on ER. This winter's tv-cuddle time forecast promises to be tense and gory with periods of humorous heartwrenchingness!

5. Thank goodness my snow tires got put on my car. They still work great and have already helped immensely. I think I would've been immobile by force and not choice this weekend otherwise.

6. I want a kitty. A lot.

7. I think Parliament is my new favorite band. Damn, they're just so funky.

current mood: tense at work

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Friday, November 30th, 2007
4:03 pm - Oh goody.
Also, I just found out that my health insurance cost is increasing (again) in February. AWESOME. :p I'm glad that I use it so often. I'm glad that $200 a month is being spent on absolutely nothing.

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1:28 pm - Crankypants.
I love how every time I have my tires switched on and off my car, I get a call from the mechanic telling me that something else needs to be fixed.

What this time? A tie rod is loose. I had a tie rod (don't know which one) fixed in 2004 or so. He said it will create faster tire wear. As the tires are already 1/4-1/2way shot, I told him to forget it and I'll fix it sometime when I'm not flipping out about finances. Mind you, this would've taken my $50-60 bill and catapulted it into a $250ish bill. Yeah. No.

I can't wait until I have enough saved for a new car. Mine is falling apart at the seams. It's kind of difficult to save money when repairs on the old one keep piling up.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. >:(

current mood: upset

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Thursday, November 29th, 2007
10:18 am - Like, OMG, my bf is so awesommmmme.
Greg is so much fun. All we did last night is go out to Genna's for a couple beers (delicious beers, I might add), but we just had such a great time hanging around talking. I love being out and about with him. :)

Collapse )

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2007
7:41 pm - Ugh
One thing I find especially irritating:

I'm trying to put together a fun night of karaoke singing at the Karaoke Kid for a whole bunch of people (I invited a LOT of people from various friend groups). It's not in celebration of anything, it's just a big get together. The magic of Facebook and Myspace is that you can create an event and have people RSVP there.

Apparently there is nothing my friends love more than to say RSVP as "Might Attend." A week and a half in advance and you can't definitively say yes or no? To me it screams, "I'll attend....if I can't find anything better to do." Just say no if you don't want to come that badly! Or, better yet, don't RSVP at all.

Though, I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised when many of the same people RSVP'd "yes" to my Body Shop party and then either canceled an hour before or just didn't show up. So. Frickin. Rude.

current mood: irritated

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Sunday, November 25th, 2007
10:21 am - Just so we're all clear.
Let me just say this for the record:

I love The Shawshank Redemption. Love it.

Furthermore, I don't think it's ever failed to make me cry.

P.S. Why do I watch those kinds of movies in the morning? Yeesh.

current mood: weepy

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Friday, November 23rd, 2007
3:37 pm - Hehehe!!!
This brightened up my afternoon considerably.

Apparently Ross, Greg's nephew, said the following on the way back to their hotel room on Wednesday night:

"Maybe Uncle Greg will FINALLY get married...if Heather doesn't dump him."

Hahahaha! From the mouth of babes. That's awesome. I wrote back to Greg and said, "Aw, poor Uncle Greg. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride." Hahahahaha.... :D

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11:44 am - Tryptophanified.
O, Thanksgiving, my lovely giver of turkey, starches and sugars!

It was a good one. :)

Wednesday afternoon, the boy and I trekked up to Sheboygan to avoid the imminent onslaught of snow. It was 'flurrying' (aka raining) while we were driving up, which was totally tolerable. By the time we were in Shebby having dinner, though, it was snowing much more heavily. Woohoo! Successfully avoided calamity! Greg took me to a coffee shop and we hung around there talking first. Afterward, he exposed me to the Charcoal Inn. It's a George Webbs-type establishment, for those who are familiar with that. For the unfamiliar, it's a diner with very fast, very inexpensive burgers, brats, onion rings, malts, etc. Fast food, but not fast food, if ya get me. Anyway. I got a cheeseburger (delicious), and was surprised to find a large gob of butter on top of all the fixin's. Yep. Butter. On my burger. Welcome to Sheboygan! :) Anyway, we all know butter makes things more delicious, despite the heart attack factor, so whatever. Don't even get me started on the onion rings, by the way...they were so good!! After being properly greasified, we went to his parent's house.

His parents (Peg and Jim) are extremely nice and fun people to talk to. We hung around with them for awhile, and then his brother (Mark), sister-in-law (Angela) and their two kids (Ross and Sophie) showed up. The kids are so damn adorable!!! Oh my goodness. It was very entertaining being around them. The atmosphere was so warm and bustling--very nice. :) The next day we watched the Macy's parade over cinnamon twists and coffee (I don't watch the parade very often, but I was horrified by the awful musical spectacles). We then went out to a thanksgiving buffet lunch, which was delicious. Sophie (the little sweetiemuffin 3 year old) wanted to ride home with me and Greg, since we're apparently so awesome. The best story about this goes as such:

Me: Sophie, did you know that Uncle Greg named his car?
*Sophie shakes her head, no*
Me: He named it "Clem."
*Sophie smiles*
Greg: It's pretty silly to name a car, isn't it?
Sophie: *smiling* Yeah.
....a few minutes later...
Greg: Sophie, did your dad name his car?
Sophie: No.
Greg: You should tell him that you and Ross should name it for him. What would you name his car?
Sophie: I think we should name it Heather.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhatasweetieadorablecutiepiepantsafsdifjq!!!! :D

Anyway. We headed down to Grafton to see mom, Kevin, Michael, Linda and my grandma. We were greeted with some kind of much appreciated eggnog liquor. Mmm, eggnog with the booze mixed in... We had a nice hour chatting and laughing with them, too. Greg was delighted by my grandmother, which I knew he would be.

We headed down to Milwaukee to go to Grandma T's dinner. Greg enjoyed hanging out more with my brother, and really loved meeting my grandpa. Grandpa was showing us Grandma's father's toy trucks and cars. They were so phenomenal! Toys used to be so solidly built and finely crafted....such attention to detail! So, we both really loved that. Other than that, the food was good, people were generally calm and cheerful, good times all around.

The most important part: Greg's family seems to love me (and vice versa), and my family seems to love Greg (and vice versa). Yaaaaay!

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Wednesday, November 21st, 2007
11:19 am - omfg....
In my data entry excursions, I just came across the following email address: "godslittleprincess@__________.com"

.....There are no words.

Do you think this gal thinks highly of herself or what?

current mood: amazed

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Tuesday, November 20th, 2007
1:37 pm - Ugggggggh....
Tell me:

Why is there always a prediction for snow when I'm driving out of town? I mean, it's not just a "Oh, it might snow sometime in the next 3 days" kind of prediction. It's always a "Hi, Heather. It will snow pretty much only between the times you were planning on leaving, so you're screwed no matter what, and, oh, by the way, it'll be worse at your destination than it will be at home"-kind of thing.

I don't have my snow tires on yet. Conceivably I could have them put on tomorrow, but I also know that two of them are pretty worn out. Worth it? Not worth it? It says there will be 'accumulation' but it feels like the ground is still too warm for that. I don't know. Goddammit. Rrrrrghhh. >:(

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Monday, November 19th, 2007
5:29 pm - I hunger for the good things.
Six Good Things
--a meme stolen from Cattack

1. Greg.
-He has restored my faith in men and relationships in general. Moreover, he's restored my faith that you really can have a happy, functional relationship--it's not some kind of crazy myth. He is exceptionally kind, understanding, level-headed, sweet, funny, smart, mature, and generous. He seems to have a preternatural way of knowing exactly what to say and do to make and keep me happy. What a wonderful man.

2. Coffee.
-Oh, coffee. My sweet, liquid lover. My mornings are so vastly improved by you. You give my mood a facelift each and every day. And you come in so many flavors! Will you never cease to amaze me?

3. Boyshort / Hipster Underwear.
-Especially cute, comfy and functional? Get right out of town! Since they are thankfully popular, I can get my cute undie fix without hassle. Also, they eliminate panty lines! How, when they're not thongs? I don't know! But I love it!

4. Thanksgiving.
-Despite all the travel and franticness of the actual day, how could I possibly not be excited about Thanksgiving? I get both stuffing and boiled red cabbage, which are things I only get 1 day out of the whole year. Also, this year I get to meet Greg's mom and dad, which I'm so looking forward to!

5. Arrested Development.
-How I overlooked this show is beyond me. It is so phenomenal.

6. eMusic.com
-$10 per month buys me 40 songs from my most favoritist artists. How could I argue with that kind of bargain??

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8:23 am - Chizcagoiz.
Greg and I headed down to the Windy Apple on Saturday morning. Traffic was surprisingly non-horrific, with us only being in one 1/2-hour long highway jam. We had chocolate covered espresso beans to help us through the hard times. We dropped the car off at our hotel parking lot, which had one of the funniest signs I've ever seen: "$6.00 First 20 Minutes." The rate for 3 1/2 hours of parking was something like $28. Nice. I believe that perfectly outlines why I hate metropolises. Anyway, we were going to have the hotel partly refund our outrageous parking fees, so we left and headed for the red line El.

We took the El to the Shedd Aquarium. It seems that about 6,000 people also wanted to visit the Shedd at 1:00 on Saturday afternoon. We glanced over at our other weekend destination, the Field Museum, and saw no line at all. Pretty easy choice. We waylaid the Shedd visit for Sunday, and got right into the Field Museum. Mostly, the two science nerds were excited to see Sue, the most complete Tyrannosaur skeleton. It was alright, but seeing the skull close up was definitely the best part. Also, their "Evolving Planet" exhibit (or whatever it's called) was totally awesome. Nerdy McHeather went around pointing to everything, squealing about various things that related to her Anthro degree. The hominid exhibit was a highlight of my Chicago visit, particularly because they had casts of the Lucy and Turkana Boy skeletons. Geeeeek.

Exhausted and addled from walking slowly, staring and reading so much, we took the El up to the Art Institute to see Aaron Hoffman's exhibit in the student art show. Aaron was thrilled to see us because he really wanted some milk, but couldn't leave his booth. We went to get some for him. :) He gave me small prints of two of the pieces I like the best. Woohoo! It was nice to see him.

We were only about a mile from our hotel, so, despite the cold, hideous crowds and exhaustion, we hoofed it back. However, it meant getting to take a stroll through Millennium Park, which was lovely. Some lighting ceremony was happening that night on Michigan Ave, so we were caught up in thick throngs of people trying to cross the street, but being unable to. We had to cut over a block or two in order to escape it.

Getting to the hotel and laying down for a bit before dinner was the best feeling ever. The hotel room was nice, and more than worth the $100 we paid for it. They had nice cherry cabinetry with black/steel accoutrement, like a coffee maker and microwave (which would be even more awesome if you were there for more than 1 day). The bed was phenomenal, and you could control the firmness on either side. There wasn't even the nasty heavy velvet blanket like in most hotel rooms, but rather a sheet and a heavy, fluffy 'down' comforter. Even the pillows were comfortable. Oh yeah, and I suppose it's worth mentioning that our room's pamphlet said the bed's liner was made of "virgin wool from New Zealand." Hahah! Unfortunately, we only had about 20 minutes of rest before getting ready for our nice dinner.

We walked up several blocks to the Brown line El and headed toward Armitage. The maps Greg printed out on Mapquest (or wherever) made it seem as though the stop and Halstead Street were only one block apart. The problem is that we weren't sure which direction it was within one block of. We went in the wrong direction twice and went far out of our way before reaching our final destination. It turns out that Halstead wasn't even 1 block from the El. Stupid damn inaccurate maps. Our reservation was for 6:30 and we arrived around 6:50--something that appeared to have not made one lick of difference to the staff.

The Red Rooster is this itty bitty offshoot of a larger building and restaurant, Cafe Bernard. You go in through this little side door, open the door to the cafe, and you're in the dining room. It seemed like the music stopped and everyone stared at us. It was awkward until we were seated at a little table for two in the corner. The ambience was fantastic. For being a tiny room with 14 tables (all of which were filled during the course of our meal) full of lively chatter, it still managed to be intimate and romantic. The lights were very dim, candlelight, etc.

It's provencal French cuisine, so I feel like there's food for everyone there. It was simple, delicious, hearty fare. We started out by picking a bottle of French 2001 red wine (which the waitress described as being Pinot-like) for an astounding $27. The wine was wonderful, easy drinking without being wimpy tasting. Greg had a salmon fillet in cabernet sauce, and I had the braised beef bourguignon with pasta. They were both absolutely wonderful. His salmon didn't taste fishy, and just melted in your mouth. My beef tasted well done, but wasn't at all dry. Both went great with our wine. Plus, the portions were just right...not huge and not at all lacking. We decided that splitting the cappuccino cheesecake with some coffee was in order. The cheesecake was perfect and I mean it. It tasted like plain cheesecake with the slightest hint of coffee. In addition, it came with a tart raspberry sauce on the side. We'd reserved a bit of wine to try it with, too....it went perfectly with both coffee and wine. With tip, we walked out with a total bill of $90. That is just fantastic. We felt like it was the perfect dinner at the perfect place. It felt like we'd stumbled across a secret...like it was the kind of place you could return to for a romantic anniversary dinner years later. We were in a happy, romantified daze as we walked back to the El. My feet were absolutely dead at this point, so going to Hangge Uppe (the dance club) was out of the question. Plus, it would've just killed the mood of our night. Going to bed early was wonderful.

We woke up around 8:30. Greg went downstairs and got us some Starbucks coffee that we enjoyed while cuddled up in bed, watching part of Serendipity. We managed to haul ourselves out of bed and down to the Cheesecake Factory for brunch with his friends Lynne and Jim at 11. Surprisingly, there was barely any wait at all. Lynne and Jim were extremely nice, and we had a great time chatting with them over good food. I had faaaar too much coffee (I felt nauseous-head-swimmy afterward), but enjoyed my Crab Hash a great deal.

After that, we headed back down to the Shedd. Barely any line at all! We were victorious! I am very happy we made it there, because it was just so cool. Seeing a finicky moray eel being fed, a giant sea turtle, relatively large sharks, komodo dragons, frilled lizards, river and sea otters, chameleons, dolphins, a huge scary spider crab, anacondas, seahorses, rays, and caimans....it was awesome. The only bummer was I didn't get to see the beluga whale, which would've been sweet. I did, to Greg's chagrin, start singing the Raffi song, "Baby Beluga." Yes, the whole thing. Why do I still know the lyrics? I don't know.

100% exhausted at that point, we dragged ourselves back to the El, which hauled us back to the hotel parking lot. After crappy traffic getting out of Chicago, we were in the clear for the trip back. I made a homemade pizza with onions, garlic, green peppers and portabello mushrooms for dinner, which we enjoyed with a couple beers and Arrested Development. After some massages for our extremely stressed out muscles, we were sufficiently blissed out, and went to bed well before 11. What a fantastic weekend. :)

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Friday, November 16th, 2007
3:14 pm - Nrrrrrgandolf!
For the previously unaware, I am a ridiculous, loser-ish nerd. As such, I do things like go to Wikipedia's listings for "Diseases" and find funny sounding disease names. Most of them aren't as funny as they sound. I present to you the following:

-Sounds like a deadly sin involving both gluttony and lust....like a roman orgy, maybe.
-Actually, it's a medical condition defined by any abnormal fleshy excrescence or tuberosity.

Cervical Incompetence:
-Sounds like your cervix hasn't been reading up for the final exam.
-Actually, it's a condition in which a pregnant woman's cervix begins to dilate (widen) and efface (thin) before her pregnancy has reached term. It causes a lot of miscarriages.

Gohn's Complex:
-Sounds like an intergalactic warrior has issues with inadequacy around the ladies.
-Actually, it's a pathological entity caused by the progression of tuberculosis, an infectious respiratory disease. Specifically, the Ghon's complex is a combination of the Ghon's focus (area of initial infection by airborne bacillus) and a lymphatic lesion. Approximately two to three weeks after the Ghon's focus has developed, the area undergoes caseous necrosis (cheeselike). Free tubercle bacilli, or bacilli within macrophages drain out from the area towards the affected lungs' lymph nodes. It is in this location, at the lymph nodes, that the bacilli will form caseous granulomas. This, in combination with the initial area of infection, will make up the Ghon's complex.

Barcoo Fever:
-Sounds like you've spent so much time on the Barca lounger that you've started to go delirious.
Actually, it's an illness once common in the Australian outback but is now virtually unknown. It was characterised by nausea and vomiting exacerbated by the sight or smell of food and, unlike the usual gastro-intestinal infections, by constipation rather than diarrhoea. Fever and myalgia were also symptoms. Severe cases developed inanition and even death.

-Sounds like your sinuses are so sick of your face that they've grown wings.
-Actually, it's a painful inflammation and sometimes bleeding of the membrane of the paranasal sinus cavities, normally the frontal sinus. It is caused by a difference in air pressures inside and outside the cavities.

Asymmetric Crying Facies:
-Sounds like the way that muppets look when they're sad.
-Actually, it's minor congenital anomaly caused by agenesis or hypoplasia of the depressor anguli oris muscle, one of the muscles that control the movements of the lower lip.

Hailey Hailey Disease:
-Sounds like a muscular problem you get from doing a dance to the latest pop hit, "Hailey Hailey." A dance like the "hully gully." You know.
-Actually, it's characterized by outbreaks of rashes and blisters in the skin, usually in the folds of the skins, but also often over large areas of the body. The painful blisters break and sometimes become infected and raw, with new blisters forming over raw skin in a sometimes seemingly unending cycle of outbreaks.

-Sounds like Volvo's new version of the Mini Cooper.
-Actually, it's a loop of the bowel whose nose has twisted on itself.

Snapping Hip Syndrome:
-Sounds like a) your hip has turned into a sassy sitcom character, or b) you've become half man, half sharkalligator.
-Actually, it's a condition characterized by a snapping sensation when the hip is flexed and extended. This may be accompanied by an audible snapping or popping noise and possibly pain or discomfort.

XXXXX Syndrome:
-Sounds like wow, you've really got to cut down on your internet porn consumption, buddy.
-Actually, it's the presence of three additional X chromosomes, associated with microcephaly, micrognathia, and round face.

See? Wasn't that fun? I love learning.

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Thursday, November 15th, 2007
11:33 am
Stem Cells Cloned from Monkey Eggs.

Does this sound vaguely Jurassic Park-ish to anybody else?

Maybe people will become hermaphroditic. Or maybe they'll just start picking lice off of one another and flinging poo. Nature will find a way.

That's chaos theory.

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Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
5:56 pm - car question
I kind of understand what a "salvage title" means when buying a car, but are there serious reasons to NOT buy a car that has one if it has been repaired? Does it need to go through additional re-licensing, or is the insurance higher or something?

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1:54 pm - Telephonies.
Working the phones (especially for an independent business) can be a truly joyous thing. You get to hear all the glowing compliments when the boss/salesperson isn't there to receive them. Being doted upon for doing absolutely nothing is fantastic. More often, though, you get the complaints, the ramblers, angry vendors, and all other assholes from various walks of life.

The absolute worst part of answering 99% of the calls is trying to determine who is legitimate, and who is full of shit. My boss doesn't want to talk to at least 75% of the non-client and non-vendor base who calls. And who can blame him? These people are usually trying to scam him out of money, or are trying to sell him things he doesn't want or need. I have to walk the extremely fine line of rudely blowing off the caller, or taking messages that he'll never return anyway, because he doesn't know who the caller is/what the business is. See, some telemarketers are very crafty...they don't sound like telemarketers. They call the boss by his first name. It's not, "May I speak to........*first name*....*mangled last name*?" through a staticky field. It's, "Hi! Is *first name* there?" When I ask, "May I say who's calling?" they say, "Ron!" ....and then it will not be a client. It will be some jackass telemarketer, and the boss will not be especially pleased that his time was absorbed by said jackass. Fantastic.

My least favorites are the "telephone directories" that call. They will tell you that you're already listed in their directory, and they're just updating your listing. Note: I have no idea what directories we're listed in. None whatsoever. These callers are invariably of foreign descent with highly unintelligible accents--but they're also relatively unable to interpret what I'm telling them. Great. SO, for 5 or 10 minutes, we'll very slowly verify the business information. Then, they will tell me that they're going to transfer me to the 'quality control' department to AGAIN verify my information. The 'quality control' person (who also has a thick accent, but has a far better grasp of English), instead of verifying my information, will reiterate again and again (seriously, like 5 times) how we have this free listing--it's free--and it's a pre-existing listing--again, for free, and it's so free that we'll get it in writing for our boss to peruse--it's FREE!--and then we'll have a chance to try it on a month-to-month basis........at this point I cut them off, because it's not free.

Today, I get one of those calls. At the point in the conversation I just mentioned, I said, "We'renotinterestedthanksbye," and hung up.

Ring ring!

"Good morning, ____________," I said.

*static with people talking in the background* "Ma'am, you hung up on me, and I was just trying to tell you about th--"

"I said we're not interested. NO. NO THANK YOU. NOT INTERESTED." *click*

Ring ring!

You've got to be kidding me, you persistent asshole. I didn't pick up. Had he called one more time (or if he calls back later), he'll get thoroughly chewed out. I am not here to be harassed on the phone, okay? You already interrupted my work for 10-15 minutes with stupid nonsense. How dare you keep calling back when I said we weren't interested?

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12:08 pm - Oooo
Hooray! The Body Shop consultant just brought me the free brushes I earned! Woohoo!! Oh, they're so lusciously luxurious. Makes me want to go home, wash my face, and re-apply my makeup with them. Must....restrain....self....

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