A Hurricane in All Kinds of Weather

18 May 1983
Madison, Wisconsin, United States
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Grand Avenue School - Milwaukee WI
38th Street School - Milwaukee WI (1989 - 1994)
Milwaukee High School of the Arts - Milwaukee WI (1997 - 2001)
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee - Milwaukee WI (2001 - 2003)
University of Wisconsin - Madison - Madison WI (2003 - 2005)
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anthropology, art, baking, ball gowns, ballet, ballroom dance, bean burritos, beau sia, beer, beethoven, bill bryson, bob dylan, breakfast, charles bukowski, chopin, classical music, coffee, comedy, comfy pajamas, conan o’brien, cookies, cooking, criminology, crossword puzzles, cuddling, current event books, dan bern, dan savage, dinking around online, er, evolution wine, fall, family guy, flaming liberals, friends, funny looking people, gin and tonics, gone with the wind, hugs, hunter s. thompson, indian food, jewelry, johnny the homicidal maniac, learning new things, livingroom dancing, making mixes, making new friends, making people laugh, marilyn monroe, milwaukee, mind numbing television shows, mozart, music, my boyfriend, people-watching, photography, piano, psychology, quoting the simpsons, ranting, reading, reminiscing, salvador dali, san francisco, satire, sauvignon blanc, serial killers, soup, speaking spanish, spring, ted leo / pharmacists, thai food, the movie game, the onion, the silver jews, traveling, wedding dresses, weeds, wine, wisconsin badgers hockey
.....28. Champaign. Ex-Psychology and Anthropology major from the UW. Jewelry snob. Office Person. Woo hoo.

I'm offensive, lazy, codgerly, sometimes dance-y, obsessive, anxious, usually hungry, huggy/cuddly, loud (but yet, quiet), shy (but then quite extroverted), abrasive, honest (sometimes brutally so), paranoid, opinionated, and anything else you've got coming.

I'm starting a pretty new cooking blog. Please visit it often! Pretty Peas!

Check out my Recipe Jungle Journal and my Photo Journal!

P.S. This is where I got some of my user icons from Couplandesque, icons_whispered, eloquentice, rosetintedicons, spewwwpewie, rionne, stephenmblundon, nax0s, mediocrechick, mephedaw, regicideicon and MemeGen.
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